Surprise Serin

After a quiet few weeks at South Walney where birding has very much taken a back seat to my PhD fieldwork, the month of June got off to an exciting start when Gary Clewley and myself stumbled on to a pair of Raven hanging around the central pools early in the afternoon of the first of the month. This was my first reserve tick for a couple of weeks and I assumed that this was a relatively decent record before speaking to Colin from the observatory who informed me they breed close by on Piel Island and turn up fairly regularly. Things really got exciting later that evening however when a routine data entry session was interrupted by a knock on the door from the warden, Sarah Dalrymple, who informed Gary and I that Colin had just found a Serin in the garden. After being given the run around for the best part of half an hour, the bird eventually perched up in a small sycamore allowing me to capture some record phonescoped shots before it dropped down to the ground to feed. The bird was a relatively dull female, with a largely olive/brown mantle with the bright green/yellow colouration restricted to a splodge in the centre of the upper breast. Despite having seen good numbers abroad, this was only my second record of Serin for the UK after a couple of wintering individuals in Essex in February 2015, and was a great record for the island. Hopefully there are further surprises in store this month!


Author: liamsbirding

I'm a 23 year old PhD candidate at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus and a keen birder. Originally from Stockport. All views my own.

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