New Year, New Blog

After a two year hiatus from blogging, this year I’ve decided to take the plunge and start a new blog. Since my last post on my previous site I’ve graduated from university and had a brief and highly unsuccessful ten month stint as an accountant before starting my PhD at the University of Exeter Penryn campus on the ecology of Lesser Black-backed Gulls in September 2016. Since moving to Cornwall I’ve had an incredible few months exploring the avian highlights of the county with a bunch of other student birders and this along with a desire to improve my nature writing has provided the impetus to start this blog.

Over the coming weeks and months the posts here will mainly consist of accounts of my birding trips around the county and the wider UK. In time I’m also planning to attempt a few posts on relevant issues in birding and conservation and may eventually expand to some popular science posts and updates about my personal research experience working with Lesser Black-backed Gulls.As you can tell the premise for the blog is pretty open at the moment but hopefully it’ll be a nice outlet for any semblance of writing ability I have whilst also providing a journal of sorts for my birding adventures. Hopefully some people may even enjoy reading the posts!

My personal highlight of birding in Cornwall so far: A self-found 1st-winter AGP on the Hayle Estuary in November 2016.